I really like having examples of SEP. I was never really sure of how to make sure I was doing this with my classes, and how to get the kids going on it. Yes, I did a lot of arts and crafts. Not because I didn't want to do better, but because I wasn't sure HOW to do better. I am not really comfortable with math so I was honestly afraid to push myself. Science, math, and engineering are scary to me. Today I talked about engineering with my first graders and they were excited. I do believe I am headed in the right direction!
- Amber E.
I loved all the resources and loved having the opportunity to view everyone else's lessons. Honestly, I cannot really think of anything that I didn't like. As a new teacher, I am still working to figure out where everything "fits".
- Kelsey E.
I honestly cannot think of anything that I really didn't like. I feel like our time was used to the fullest. The lessons were jammed packed and meaningful.
- Phaedra A.
This semester has been challenging for me. I found the evening sessions a breath of fresh air. It was good to meet with those in similar positions and talk. I just enjoy meeting with my peers and sharing ideas. Being the only STEAM person in my department means others don't always understand what I do. Good to be with so many great minds! I love being with my kind of people. I had some great conversations that energized me as a STEAM teacher. There really wasn't anything I didn't enjoy or appreciate.
- BeBe B.
I liked the range of ideas that were given. There were so many ideas to stretch your mind and teaching. I want to bring this into my classroom in every possible way. I've learned so much in such a little time.
- Katie A.
I enjoyed collaborating with people and having the opportunity to learn more about being culturally responsive. The only thing I didn't like was that it wasn't longer. 🙂
- Megan N.
The SEL ideas and incorporations were amazing and so very helpful. As a mom, I think I intuitively knew much of this for my own kids, but it is rewarding and exciting to think of all the ways incorporating SEL into daily and weekly and even monthly learning can benefit all the students I reach.
- Dawn M.
I just love everything about this training! The passion that I see each week is so inspiring and I wish that I worked more closely with just one other teacher that has the passion seen in this group! You have done a great job of giving us time to network, time to create ideas and making the classes and assignments relevant and useful!
- Monica M.
The thing about our training is that even if a topic doesn't exactly match my area (library), I get to hear perspectives from the classroom teachers about what they are doing or what things are helpful to them as they teach STEM. This helps me get ideas to use in my role as the librarian to support my staff.
- Julie C.
I am more comfortable being instructed rather than sharing, but I appreciate the low-risk chances to engage. I love being able to consistently count on a positive and energetic attitude from the instructors -- it's been very good for my own social/emotional well-being! I love getting simple ideas I can use with my students/teachers the next day.
- Laura O.