Innovate Your Teaching With Our
Workshops and Mentoring Programs

Ignite the love of learning in your students through teaching methodologies that make learning easy, engaging, and enjoyable. In addition to having a toolbox of research-based instructional strategies for both in-person and distance learning, you’ll receive time-saving, standards-aligned resources and ongoing support from mentors and in our professional learning community.

Self-Care for Exhausted Educators

Gain strategies to relieve anxiety and overwhelm caused by the stresses of pandemic teaching. Use our tips and tools to maintain your well-being so that you can be at your best for yourself and for your students!

Pandemic Teaching Practices and Strategies

Reclaim your planning time with culturally relevant teaching strategies that engage ALL students in online, in-person, and hybrid environments. These strategies work across all curricula, and they’ll help you establish rigorous teaching – even when you’re in a planning pinch!

The Fierce and Fearless STEAM Teacher

Our year-long, flagship program will help you teach teach rigorous, standards-aligned STEAM in the classroom AND remotely throughout the year!

Beginning July 1, you’ll get mentoring, a professional learning community, professional development, and STEAM lessons released every quarter to make your year enjoyable and fun for your students.

Learning Library & Distance Learning Toolkit

Get access to our repositories filled with short trainings and curated content for elementary STEAM and distance learning.

Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards

NGSS 101 is a self-paced course to introduce you to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and the Nature of Science (NOS) in less than three hours. Science-phobic folks are welcomed, cherished, and loved! 

In-Person Workshops

Dr. Yen is available for talks, one-on-one consultation, and workshops on a variety of subjects such as 21st Century Skills, STEM integration, instructional design, and workforce readiness. 

She works with both instructors and students from kindergarten all the way to graduate school.

Additional Services

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We teach in-person workshops on specific labs and activities. We also address topics such as instructional design, online instructional design, increasing student engagement, science education (with specific labs, standards interpretation, inquiry, etc.), instructional strategies, and evaluation.

Workshops may be delivered online, face-to-face, or blended and include evaluation components such as surveys and interviews to gauge participant interests, needs, and impact.

The cost of a workshop depends on the nature of the workshop, preparation time, and the number of attendees. Workshop packages are calculated based on: (1) hours of preparation time, (2) format of workshop (on-demand pre-recorded, live online, in-person), (3) length of workshop, (4) materials, and (5) travel and lodging.

Most in-person workshop packages will normally take 3-4 hours of preparation time for every 1-hour of workshop implementation at a base rate of $125/hour for a group of 25. If additional team members are needed, add $90/workshop implementation hour for each team member. For face-to-face workshops, please factor in the cost of materials, travel, and accommodations.

Online workshops involving pre-recorded video, will take approximately 10-15 hours of preparation at a base rate of $150/hour for every 1-hour of video in addition to the 3-4 hours of standard preparation time. This preparation includes slide animation, graphics, scripting, recording, video editing production, platform hosting, and cost of materials. 

We are happy to discuss workshop design with you and offer a variety of options to suit your needs and budget.

If you are new to course creation  and have ideas for a course, workshop, or program that you would like to teach, this service is for you. We can help you organize your ideas into a working course framework and suggest strategies for effective instruction.

We will help you write out your course objectives, specific aims, and outcomes so that you have a very clear idea of what you want to teach and how you will structure your content to teach it.

You will develop an understanding of the knowledge/skill levels of students so that you can determine the appropriate level of rigor for your course. We will assist you in developing a course description that caters to your audience, and help you structure and organize your content into a logical flow that is easy for your students to learn.

This $300 package is for one course, workshop, or one generalized overview of a course sequence. It includes four back-and-forth emails where we work together to clarify your ideas prior to a 2-hour live Zoom session. At the end of this 2-hour session, you will receive a course outline with a clearly defined purpose and lesson objectives. This will be the backbone of your course. Course outline development will take between 1-2 weeks to create, depending on the frequency of your email responses and openings on the calendar. 

This service is for you if you already have a course syllabus, a lesson plan, or have taught the class and are looking for: (a) insights, (b) ways to improve your instruction, and/or (c) alignment to standards.

We can help you:

  • Improve student engagement and participation.
  • Create effective and thought-provoking assignments and projects.
  • Design skills-based presentations and assessments
  • Segment content to facilitate optimal learning.
  • Align your content to standards.
  • Advocate and promote your course to administration or to students.

Because this service is case-specific, we will meet with you over the phone or through Zoom for a free thirty-minute consultation to discuss your needs. Once we have agreed upon the scope of work, we will be able to give you an estimate on the hours. You will be charged a rate of $100/hour.

Standards alignment will take a minimum of 3 hours for one lesson. We offer discounted rates for K-12 teachers. Your payment upon receipt of the invoice reserves your spot.

Creating a content strategy for your website and social media platforms can help you build, grow, and refine your audience. We help content creators with their social media campaigns, blogs, and newsletters. 

We can work with you to:

  • Develop a monthly content calendar.
  • Create posts and SEO-friendly blogs in batches.
  • Review your current content to help you improve your marketing strategies. 
  • Edit your documents and postings.
  • Evaluate and improve the overall aesthetics of your branding, current website, and social media pages.

Content strategy consulting costs $75/hour with an hour minimum. Please contact us so that we can put together a package for you.