( a.k.a, Guardians, gardeners,
protectors, mentors, caretakers )

“My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.”

Maya Angelou

What is a Nurturing Rebel?

As a nurturing rebel, you care for your students by supporting their growth and well being. You’re a cheerleader, but you have a talent for providing just the right amount of support and rigor. You know exactly what your students need to help them find their voice! In your care, you recognize your students’ strengths, help them overcome their weaknesses, and build their confidence so that they can rise to any challenge that they encounter in life. 

Examples of Nurturers: Mother Jones, Maria Montessori, Jaime Escalante, Mother Teresa, Clara Barton, Eleanor Roosevelt, Florence Nightingale, Jane Goodall, Wangari Maathai

How To Release Your Inner Nurturing Rebel​

Beware of energy vampires and don’t let them sap your energy or waste your efforts.

Nurturers are givers by nature, and they want everyone to be happy. Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who would rather prey on the nurturer’s generosity and energy. So shore up your defenses, reinforce your boundaries, and don’t put up with the bullshit.

Reinforce your boundaries.

Nurturers create communities of belonging and empathy. However, before they can fill other peoples’ buckets, they also need to refill their own. To advocate for others, you must also advocate for yourself. In doing so, you become the role model that your children look up to as they learn to achieve a healthy balance between home life and work life.

 Be the catalyst for change. 

A catalyst causes changes to happen around them, without giving up your own identity or your own energy. People are inspired and empowered by your presence. This is your superpower!

Be a master gardener.

In order to cultivate the genius of their students, the master gardener knows when to prune, when to train, when to water, and they REALLY know the difference between compost and manure, and when to apply ample amounts of either.

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