Katelyn Seliskar

Katelyn Seliskar is an elementary and high school administrator with roots in science education. With over ten years of experience as a teacher and assistant principal, Katelyn’s passion is helping students develop the scientific literacies they need to become change agents in our world. After leaving her classroom, Katelyn’s former students have become software engineers, environmental scientists, medical doctors and researchers. 

Katelyn’s dissertation research relates to alignment across all elements in an instructional program, including standards, curriculum, instruction and assessment. She focuses on classroom-based assessment design through the lens of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to provide rigor through cognitive complexity. 


Online courses

Look under “Services” in the menu to find courses designed by Dr. Yen. You can also find a variety of her talks, tips, and tricks on her YouTube channel, “That’s Y.


Dr. Yen runs a variety of both online and in-person workshops around STEAM, 21st century skills, career readiness, self-assessment, online instructional design, and professional development.


Schedule a complimentary strategy session with Dr. Yen around online instruction, course design, STEAM, teaching methodology, and evaluation. Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together!