Giving Everyone the Social, Emotional, & Academic Tools to
Fulfill Their Destinies

We provide research and theory-based workshops, curricula, instructional strategies, classes, and resources for in-school and out-of-school educators.

Our Unique Approach To Transdisciplinary Education.

At Qi Learning, we prioritize the development of higher order thinking skills using teaching methodologies that are grounded in culturally responsive (CR) pedagogy and Interactive Spatial Learning (ISL) theory. ISL is a unique theory that is based on how we naturally learn through interactions in our environment — whether these interactions take place virtually or in-person. 

Design personalized learning experiences that trigger deep, intuitive learning for ALL your students. Our methods focus on educating the whole child using a framework that emphasizes social emotional learning (SEL), culturally responsive practices, and 21st-century skills. This work is situated within the three spheres of practice found in the ISL framework.

How May We Help You?



Innovate teaching and ignite the love of learning in students through one of our online or face-to-face courses and workshops where we show you how to make STEM engaging and enjoyable.



We provide free lesson plans and STEM resources for elementary teachers through our STEAM Café Platform, Resource Library, and Facebook Community.



We work with educators as a critical friend to help them with instructional design, content creation, program design, and program evaluation.

Our Partners


We are in the service of our teachers, who are always included in the design process of our content, classes, and supports.